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Jayant Sound System – Karnataka

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We are the best sound system service provider in karnataka. We have best operator DJ Jayant who blasts all opposite sound systems when its comes to competition

To plug in the heart of the dance floor. we quench with fixing a date with DJ JAYANT and his new release songs. Prepare to surrender your sound system when we come in front of you. Because we are the best sound system in karnataka and have strong base.
we keep upgrading our products in time and gives you a unforgotable movement in your life.


Pioneer DJ is renowned for its high-quality and innovative DJ equipment, catering to both professional and amateur DJs
Professional DJ Multi-Player
Display: 9-inch high-resolution touch screen with intuitive interface.
Performance Features: Enhanced jog wheel for precise control, Key Sync and Key Shift functions, and 8 Hot Cue buttons.
Connectivity: Multiple inputs/outputs, including USB, SD card slots, and support for Pro DJ Link.
Sound Quality: 32-bit DAC for pristine audio.
Build Quality: Robust construction with improved durability.

Audio controller

An audio controller, often referred to as a DJ controller, is a device used by DJs to control DJ software on a computer. These controllers provide tactile control over the software’s features, such as mixing, effects, and playback, allowing for a more hands-on and intuitive DJing experience. Pioneer DJ is one of the leading manufacturers of DJ controllers, offering a range of products that cater to different levels of expertise and use cases

Live mixer

A live mixer, also known as a live sound mixer or audio mixing console, is a device used to combine, process, and control audio signals from various sources (such as microphones, instruments, and playback devices) during live performances. Pioneer DJ, known for its high-quality DJ equipment, also produces mixers that are suitable for live sound applications. Here are descriptions of some notable live mixers

  • One of the best sound system in karnataka.
  • we bring the party to life with DJ JAYANT and his latest releases. From now on, the house is going to groove on the beats of our special DJ jayant. When people start dancing, perhaps they will only come to a halt when the occasion is over.
  • Our DJ services are perfect for private events, clubs, corporate gatherings, dj roadshows and more. Jayant sound system is the sound system which is leading the sound system platform.
  • Jayant sound system are the ideal partners for any kind of event; like all gathering, club Nights , marriage, road show for festivals, and other occasion. Join us and let the music play, creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime!
  • Here is a reason to put on your dancing shoes: Meet DJ Jayant, the man who will add music to your party. Get excited to be in a magical place while walking through the sparkling lights.
  • A harmony and insanity that entailed some rather groovy creations of the DJ’s to boot, and the perennial EDM that transports you to another world.
  • Dropping the ‘Everyday,’ DJ Jayant playfully takes the viewer on a journey to discover the many hidden enigmas of the universe that one might not instantly notice.
  • Join us and let the music attracts all , as DJ JAYANT takes you on a wonderful journey like no other!
  • The event may be a primary dinner for two people or a dinner for large corporations, a clubbing evening, or a conference. our DJ services are best of all for every occasion and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Jayant sound system hosts a variety of music concerts, including classical, folk, contemporary, and fusion genres. Sound systems are essential for amplifying live performances and ensuring clear audio for audiences.
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